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Here’s Why Desi Tamatar or Indian Tomatoes Are Better Suited For Curries

India’s relationship with tomatoes returns quite a long while. Truth be told, its permanent nearness in the majority of our desi arrangements would influence you to believe that they been a piece of our kitchens for eternity. However, that isn’t reality. Tomatoes began either in Mexico or Peru. As indicated by the book, ‘A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food’ by prestigious sustenance essayist KT Achaya, “dissimilar to a few different plants from the New world, the tomato did not come straightforwardly to India, but rather by the method for England at a late yet questionable date maybe around 1850.”Achaya refers to an entry from George Watt in Dictionary of the Economic Products in India (1880), where he says that Indians ‘started to value the tomato much late when the Bengalis and Burmans utilized it in their harsh curries.’

What must have our curries possessed a flavor like before the appearance of tomatoes? Tomatoes shape a basic piece of Indian curries. A piece of it could originate from the way that we are fortunate regarding tomato create. In the event that you go in bazaars and huge stores, you would even discover the variations from the whole way across the world, similar to cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, treasure tomatoes and green tomatoes. Be that as it may, the most generally delivered and expended type of tomatoes that are prominent in the nation are desi tamatar, or Indian tomatoes. Instead of remote or mixture assortments like cherry tomatoes, desi tamatar are greater in size, full and more acrid in taste. Desi tamatar are full with beta carotene, which gives it the red tinge. As per specialists, desi tamatar are a superior wager for your curries than the cross breed and hereditarily designed assortments. Here’s the reason.

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Tomatoes frame a vital piece of Indian curries

Be it spread chicken, shahi paneer or kadhai paneer, Indian curries are overflowing with flavors that are elusive anyplace else on the planet. Aside from its zest content, huge numbers of the Indian curries are famous for its lip-smacking tart flavor as well. Desi tamatar helps make our curries tangier, while there are numerous approaches to instigate the ‘khatta’ season in the sustenance (Read: yogurt and tamarind). There is a sure quality about tomatoes that makes it unsubstitutable.

Culinary Expert and Food Blogger, Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji says, “desi tomatoes are more flavourful and juicier when contrasted with others. They have a sweet and acrid taste, which runs extremely well with our arrangements, rather than the outside assortments, which are less on the sharp remainder. It is a decent wellspring of cell reinforcements. Desi tomatoes are effortlessly accessible over your consistent vegetable push truck, sopping stores and additionally on the web.”





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Tomatoes are one of the most extravagant wellsprings of vitamin C and beta carotene, every one of them bolster heart wellbeing. They are additionally inexhaustibly stacked with lycopene, which has been found to lessen danger of elevated cholesterol, ensure eyes and skin, and lift resistance and heart wellbeing. Vitamin K, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals, for example, potassium, manganese and iron further make tomatoes a well known superfood.

As far as sustenance, desi tamatar and cross-pollinated tomatoes are both sound. Desi tomatoes require no hereditary intercession and develop without anyone else. Culinary specialist Reetu Uday Kugaji says, “Put your cash in natural desi tamatar for making curries, as they are pressed with sustenance and tasty sweet-sharp flavor. These will be less standard fit as a fiddle, overflowing juice and seeds. They have a sweet-acrid taste, which advises you that tomatoes are organic products more than they are vegetables”

Focuses To recall :

To make tart and delectable curries Always pick new, succulent and firm tomatoes. In the event that the tomatoes are not firm and pummeled, there is a solid possibility of it being spoiled. They would not increase the value of the curry and furthermore cause some gastric issues. It is best to expend desi tomatoes inside four long stretches of procurement. Putting away them in fridge can enable them to keep going for seven days.

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